EC 215 TW

215 TW


The name of this series is derived from the word economy in English, as it can be seen that the products of this series are very economical in terms of simplicity and beauty. The units, cabinets and all the parts are not particularly complicated, but in addition to the high quality, they have a reasonable price and a long life. Among the features of this series, we can mention the MDF body with epoxy coating resistant to impact and moisture, this series does not have a tweeter or crossover and uses full range speakers.

Technical Info

Speaker size12Inch+15Inch
Twitter size1.75 Inch
Enclosure material
Continuous power600 Watt
peak power1200 Watt
frequency response

55 - 18Khz

98 dB(1W/1m +%1)
Dimensions (length x width x height)44x31x112