In 2008, we started our business by registering the brand in Britain and then simultaneously registering the trademark in Iran and China.

Our Goals

Our goals is

  • Supplying products with stable and reliable quality
  • Economical production and competitive pricing
  • Providing up-to-date products
  • Quality maintenance and stability
  • Providing a new standard in after-sales service
  • Transferring production technology to Iran in the long term
  • Exporting manufactured products to neighboring countries and entering the European market
In order to achieve our goals, We started our long lasting cooperation with one of the biggest and most trustworthy manufacturers in China to produce a wide variety of audio products.

Our Products

Speaker Stands and Base

Active & Portable Speakers

Passive Speakers

ceiling and hall speakers

Amplifiers and audio consoles

Linear array systems

Also, in order to improve the quality of products in different periods of time, in direct cooperation with first-rate manufacturers Global companies such as NEUTRIK, POWERSOFT, SOUNDKING, SICA are always trying to improve the quality level of our products.