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How to use Dynapro Products


The best cable for audio devices, regardless of the type of its coating, which is more commercial, is a cable that is sprayed and its material is pure copper.

The most standard and most resistant audio plug at present are Speakon plugs (Speakon, all Dynapro bands have a Speakon female, and of course, a Speakon male plug should be used for connection.

  • All Dynapro two way single speaker bands are 8 ohm regardless of speaker size.
  • All Dynapro full range single speaker bands are 16 ohm regardless of size.
  • All Dynapro two-way speaker bands are 4 ohms regardless of speaker size.
  • All Dynapro full range single speaker bands are 8 ohm regardless of size.
  • For more information about the specifications of the bands, please read the specification sheet inside the package.
The answer to this question is generally given by the amplifier manufacturers, in general the total resistance of the bands should not be less than 2 ohms. This is equal to 4 bands of 8 ohms or 2 bands of 4 ohms for each input.
Yes. In all models, the crossover is equipped with a tweeter protector.
Since, contrary to popular belief, the speaker and tweeter is a mechanical device, not an electronic device, if more than the defined power is applied to it, the life of the part will decrease rapidly, a strong reflex (whistle caused by the proximity of the microphone to the speaker) It brings the worst and most intense pressure to your Twitter gang.
no More than 90% of commercial speakers have a paper screen that cannot be waterproof, but all passive Dynapro bands are resistant to water and moisture, but not waterproof.
All batteries have useful life and health percentage, in the best health conditions, the internal battery can work for up to 8 hours without recharging.
Yes, use the terminal on the back of the band designed for this purpose.
Connect the power cable to the device, put the three-position switch on the back of the device in AC mode, the battery will be charged.
The battery needs to be charged, or if it has just been charged, you need a new battery.
Yes, all Dynapro active and portable bands have Bluetooth.
Regular and complete charging is the first recommendation, if you do not use the device for a long time, recharge it every three months to maintain the health of the battery.
Yes, both microphones can work simultaneously
Weak battery is the main reason for disconnecting and connecting the wireless microphone, please use an alkaline battery with high amperage (2000 mAh or more).