D7 Long Range UHF Microphone

Wireless Microphone


Unleash your voice with the DYNApro Dual Wireless Microphone System, a versatile audio solution that's perfect for both captivating stage performances and the comfort of home use. Designed with precision and reliability in mind, this microphone system offers a range of exceptional features:

Dual Microphones: The system includes two wireless microphones, allowing for multiple performers or applications to use it simultaneously.

Durable Construction: The receiver chassis is made of metal, ensuring sturdiness and longevity. Additionally, the handheld microphones have bodies crafted from aluminum alloy, which is both lightweight and robust.

Frequency Range: It operates in the UHF band, specifically in the frequency range of 560-960MHz. This wide range helps to minimize interference and provide a stable audio connection.

Channel Setup: The system uses ACT channel setup and IR auto scanning technology, making it easy to configure and ensuring reliable connectivity.

Selectable Frequencies: With a total of 100 selectable frequencies for each microphone (200 in total), it offers flexibility in finding clear and interference-free channels.

LCD Displays: Both the receiver and transmitter (microphone) feature LCD displays, allowing you to monitor the system's working status. This includes details such as battery life, signal strength, and channel settings.

Smart Design: The handheld microphones are equipped with smart features, making them user-friendly and versatile. The receiver is designed to be rugged and compact, fitting well in a half-rack size.

Reliable Technology: The use of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) in the construction of the system indicates that it is built using efficient and reliable electronic assembly techniques.

Anti-Interference Design: The dual filter design enhances the system's ability to resist interference, ensuring clear and high-quality audio transmission.

External Antenna: The system includes an external TNC rubber antenna for improved signal reception and range.

High-Quality Capsule: The microphones are equipped with high-performance capsules, ensuring excellent sound quality and sensitivity.

Output Options: The system provides both balanced and line outputs, making it compatible with a variety of audio equipment and setups.

Experience audio freedom and unleash your creativity with the DYNApro Dual Wireless Microphone System. Whether you're a performer commanding the stage or someone looking to elevate their home audio setup, the DYNApro is your trusted partner for superior sound quality and reliability.

Brief Description

1. Stage performance to home use.

2. Single channel wireless microphone system

3. IR auto scan & ACT channel sync setup

4. Working at low interference UHF band (600-865MHz)

5. LCD display working status on both receiver and transmitter

6. Smart handheld microphone and rugged half rack size receiver 7. Reliable SMT technology

8. Dual filter design makes better anti-interference ability

9. External TNC rubber antenna

10. High performance capsule

11. Balanced and line output available.

Technical Information

Carrier Frequency
40Hz-15 kHz ± 3dB
Audio Frequency Response
Dynamic Range
Working Range
DC 12V/ 800mA
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Receiving Sensitivit
212x180x44 MM
9 mW
Max. Transmission Power
160 Channels
Selectable channels
3V (1.5V AA x2)
Up to 8 hours
Continuous Working Time